To share the beauty that infinitely surrounds, how it dearly appears to me in text, taste and tantalising images, has become a solid part of my day to day life as it invites me to find new ways to shift my focus away from these dreaded distractions that always seem to lure. 
I started experimenting with paint in one of my previous lives, or was it only a few decades ago, struck by the uniqueness of the visuals created, but prematurely abandoned the concept, displeased because of the mess involved, so to speak, and to be totally honest, because of a lack of compelling personal results.  I became a writer and found my purpose, or that's what I thought.
Not until I learned to fully embrace a solid and everlasting inspiration in nature and its meaningful omnipresence did I feel an urge to document all this, my inner ramblings, differently again, by choosing images over words because no matter how purple I attempted to make my precious prose, it still wouldn’t completely touch on my true self and the many layers it reputedly entails.
Happy to follow its lead and you’re most welcome to join in the excitement over what’s out there, luring, waving, bouncing, exploding, vibrating on a level of its own, but perspicuously bursting with color and life.
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